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I am a firm believer that everyone should have their own team – people that are better than you at different things and want to make you a better person. I am so glad to have Stewart as my executive coach and on my team. My first meeting with Stewart resulted in my being open to a new job. My second meeting was a brainstorm session on my ideal roles and what organizations aligned with my personal and professional values.

Within months of working with Stewart, I have started a new job, negotiated an excellent salary, and feel excited for what my future holds. I would highly recommend Stewart for anyone looking for growth in their personal or professional lives.
— Kara Connell - Chief of Staff, Change Healthcare
I had the pleasure of working with Stewart as I began to build out my sales processes and set revenue goals for my newest venture. Stewart was able to guide me effectively through the coaching process and challenge my perspectives along the way, to temper the best strategic approach that was consistent with my values and vision. If you are looking for a proven coach, who is oriented to helping you drive tangible business results, Stewart is your guy.
— Taylor Culver - Founder, XenoData Partners
I didn’t know I needed a coach to help me with my business until I found Stewart. I knew having a coach will help, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time, the right person, or the right investment. After a few sessions with him, I realized how important having a coach is. I compare my experience with him to the experience that any athlete and his/her sports coach has. I want to constantly step-up my game, and Stewart has helped me make it happen.

He is very caring and always available. I use most of my sessions with him to guide me on business issues or to make big decisions for my company. I’ve learned a lot of lessons by making mistakes yet having a business coach, I can learn business lessons faster while making fewer mistakes. I strongly recommend Stewart; he can be a vital asset to any entrepreneur.
— Teodora Nica - Co-Founder, MiaFruta
I was not entirely sure what to expect when I signed up for coaching, I just knew I needed some direction in my business. Stewart was very personable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He got me to see and consider the things and topics we discussed in ways I had not even thought of. We were also able to find and address underlying things and ways of thinking that I was doing which were actually preventing me from going forward and being as successful as I wanted or could be in my business. I am grateful for the things I have learned through my coaching sessions with Stewart. I highly recommend him, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get him to coach you sooner!
— Charissa Lett - Nomadic Global Entrepreneur
Stewart is an excellent leader and mentor of teams. He can quickly assess data and interpret it into meaningful insights. His commercial knowledge, skills, and abilities continues to impress me. I’m proud to have worked with him.
— Christopher Wienbeck, Sales Leader - Americas @ GE Power
Stewart is a highly capable, strategic thinker. He has the ability to assess and develop commercial strategy, establish priorities, and manage implementation. Stewart and I have worked on a number of projects together and each time he has shown strong leadership skills with an emphasis on speed of execution. In my work with him, Stewart showed particular strength in communicating complex strategy in a clear and concise way to C-Suite level internal and external stakeholders.
— Robert Campbell, Global Go to Market Director, Ecosystem & Channels @ GE Digital
Stewart epitomizes what it means to be successful in ambiguous environments. While working with him on a project with the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy, we faced a number of difficulties ranging from 90 hour work weeks to operating in a completely different culture and language. Stewart kept a cool head throughout and was very much a team player, always going above and beyond his normal job responsibilities. When working in ambiguous environments with limited resources, Stewart is someone you want by your side.
— Porter Searcy, Sr. Program Manager, Corporate & Emerging Markets @ Parchment
Stewart is an adept assessor of talent. He identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a team, carefully delegates tasks to optimize those strengths, and drives the team toward success. Working with Stewart, I observed many occasions when he moved out of his comfort zone to ensure that he created an environment where his team members could excel and thrive.
— Antoine Eloi, Business Unit Director, DePuy Synthes, Trauma, Middle East @ Johnson & Johnson