I have experience conducting marketing activities in numerous countries, across many different industries, and sizes of organizations. Now, I primarily work with coaches, consultants, and other soloprepeneurs.

Below are a few areas that I work with my clients

  • How to Find Your Niche and Target Market- Defining Your Niche – Learn how to find your niche, create a targeted marketing approach to drive leads and paying clients


  • How to Create an Online Marketing Strategy– Create an integrated marketing strategy to address your target market and differentiate against your competition. This includes creating clients through inbound marketing, email marketing, and social media.


  • How to Get Clients Using Social Media– Building your social media strategy to distribute your content through the correct channels. As a result, we can increase your brand exposure, customer engagement, & prospect conversion.


  • How to Create Content that Attracts Customers– Creating a value-added content strategy to nurture prospects and client attraction strategies to bring in ideal high paying clients.


  • How to Define Your Unique Selling Proposition– Analyze your competition and the market, understand your advantages, disadvantages, and uniquely position yourself to win.


  • How to Craft Your Brand Strategy– Defining your story, the promises you make to your customers, and your company’s personality. 


  • How to Conduct Market Research– Conducting customized market research designed to your specific goals (building a signature program, developing a marketing funnel, writing blogs that speak to your customers, etc.)  


  • How to Develop Marketing Metrics– Defining the correct marketing & growth metrics to track for your organization. No more vanity metrics! 


  • How to Build Your Coaching Program from Scratch– Devising the strategy to introduce, launch, and grow your coaching or consulting program.


  • Custom– Customizing an engagement to come up with actionable & measurable outcomes that help you grow or become more efficient.