I have experience conducting marketing activities in numerous countries and across many different industries. Let me use my experience to help You, your company, or team. 

  • Marketing Strategy – Creating an integrated marketing strategy to address your target market and differentiate against your competition. This includes developing your inbound vs. outbound strategic marketing mix
  • Brand Strategy – Defining your company's story, the promises you make to your customers, and your company’s personality. This can include your logo, website, and any other graphic design
  • Segmentation & Targeting – Segmenting your market and defining the right target audience that’s willing to listen and take action
  • Market Research – Conducting customized market research designed to your specific needs
  • Competitive Positioning – Determining your competitive advantage, disadvantages, and position you to win
  • Digital Marketing –  Developing a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Content Marketing – Creating a value added content strategy to nurture prospects and retain customers
  • Social Media Marketing – Building your social media strategy to distribute your content through the correct channels. As a result, we can increase your brand exposure, customer engagement, & prospect conversion
  • Value Prop Development – Building outcome based value props driving your customers to purchase. People are tired of hearing about features and benefits. They want outcomes and value
  • Marketing Metrics and Reporting – Defining the correct marketing & growth metrics to track for your organization. No more vanity metrics! 
  • Product Launch – Devising the strategy to introduce, launch, and grow your new product
  • Custom – Customizing an engagement to come up with actionable & measurable outcomes that help you grow or become more efficient