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Career satisfaction quiz

Are you unsatisfied at work or considering a career transition? Download my free “Career Satisfaction Quiz.” Once you complete the quiz, you’ll learn if you’re well suited for the type of work you’re doing and what’s directly impacting your desire to change careers. Is it the type of work, your manager, and/or company?

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Emotional Intelligence

Would you like to increase your leadership abilities? Do you want to strengthen your emotional intelligence? Download a powerful, but quick tool "Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence at Work." It's free and provides background information, a short assessment, and questions to develop an action plan.



Self-confidence is one of the most significant predictors of success. Whether you have high or low confidence, we all can benefit from increasing our level of confidence. The more confident you become, the more you’ll be able to take action in line with your values. “Increasing Your Self-Confidence” will help you understand self-confidence and utilize the 7 Exercises in this download to boost your own confidence levels.