Building Dynamic Leaders Through Embracing Stress and Increasing Overall Happiness and Well-Being

Life is complex, pulls you in every direction, and it’s difficult to stay focused.
But, when you learn how to operate organically, focusing your energy on what matters most, your dreams will become reality.

And the key to unlocking your greatest potential is through Executive & Business Coaching.       

Entrepreneurship Coach

Just ask Bill Gates, a person who knows a thing or two about success: “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, or a bridge player.” 

Let's be clear, becoming a successful business leader or entrepreneur is not all rainbows and unicorns. We all have challenges that can seem overwhelming at times. Like a swimmer in a pool, we can't always see what is right there in front of us. With so much water splashing around, we become blind to what’s holding us back, and miss out on great opportunities. You need a coach, someone above the water who can see the bigger picture, help you overcome distractions, while keeping your head from banging into the wall.


You Have The Ingredients. I'd Like To Help You Put Them All Together

As an Executive Coach, I work with business professionals climbing the corporate mountain but have realized they are on the wrong mountain. Through the coaching process, I support them in finding fulfillment, happiness, and well-being. I’ll guide, motivate, and provide invaluable insights that allow you to create your dream life. I’m someone who will help you find the energy to transform from ordinary to extraordinary. As your coach, I'll guide you through those challenges and unlock your highest potential.    

Here are some of the key areas we will work on:

  • Reducing stress and increasing fulfillment, happiness, and well-being.

  • Learning how to live from your core values.

  • Focusing your energy on what matters most.

  • Finding your clarity, passion, and purpose.

  • Turning fear of failure into motivation for success.

  • Managing your emotions – and unlocking your energy to succeed.

  • Developing a plan to make a personal or career transition.

  • And so much more...

I am grateful for the things I have learned through my coaching sessions with Stewart. I highly recommend him, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get him to coach you sooner!
— Charissa Lett

You might be thinking, “Great. But, What Does Executive & Business Coaching Involve?”

A professional coach motivates, advises, and keeps you focused on achieving your goals. Through the coaching process, we remove the personal roadblocks stopping you from reaching your highest potential. We develop strategies to reduce stress, increase engagement, and satisfaction.

We work as a team, but you define the outcomes. We develop your definition of enlightened success. We work in partnership, but you set “New Rules” for your life. The goal is for you to acquire the knowledge, insight, and skills to successfully handle all situations. You are enlightened and empowered with the freedom of choice.

Why hire me as your coach? 

Entrepreneurship Coaching

I’ve been in your shoes, exhausted myself with working 70+ hours a week. I’ve had sleepless nights concerned about how I would pay my bills. I’ve found myself struggling far more with self-imposed barriers than anything the outside world threw at me. 

The journey wasn't all struggle, no gain. I’ve achieved amazing success in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. Along the way, I realized just how important a coach can be, and began working with one. Through my life experiences, and the incredible help and support of my coach, I found my true passion: Coaching others. Now, I want to help you with your journey. (Learn More: "Why Me?")


It’s time to “become the CAUSE, instead of at the effect of life.”


Are You Ready to reduce the stress Your experiencing? Are You Ready to Live a Happier and more fulfilling life?

Happiness Executive Coaching
He is very caring and always available. I use most of my sessions with him to guide me on business issues or to make big decisions for my company. I’ve learned a lot of lessons by making mistakes yet having a business coach, I can learn business lessons faster while making fewer mistakes. I strongly recommend Stewart; he can be a vital asset to any entrepreneur.”
— Teodora Nica - MiaFruta Co-founder

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