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Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Consulting Services

Consulting Services

As a consultant, I advise individuals and businesses on the process of creating and executing business strategies that exceed their desired outcomes. I also work with organizations to boost productivity by increasing employee engagement, happiness, and well-being.

My Promise: I will work with each individual client to analyze, understand, and develop the customized solution that will achieve the outcomes they desire. I will not be afraid to tell my clients what they need to know versus only what they want to hear.

My Objective: I will build a solution that is repeatable and scalable for future growth. Depending on the needs of my clients, this solution could be customized coaching, consulting, execution support, and/or training.

Consulting Service: Marketing, Sales, Corporate Strategy, or Serving as a Temporary Operating Executive

Marketing: Marketing: Don't fall into the trap of “Hope Marketing.” You need an integrated strategy. If not, you'll sit there "hoping" your customers find your business. We'll devise an integrated go-to market strategy to grow your accounts & convert prospects into customers.

Sales / Sales Operations: We'll develop a sales strategy & tactics that utilize direct and indirect channels to market. I’ll help you utilize Sales Force Effectiveness tools to design the optimal sales force structure, territory plan, size, allocation, and incentives. 

Corporate Strategy: We'll discuss your corporate goals and objectives. Outline the strategy and tactics to achieve those goals. Then, create the implementation teams, systems, and processes to operationalize and execute the strategy. This can include Organizational Design, Change Management, Leadership Development, Globalization, Technology, Systems, & Process Design / Improvement, etc. 

Temporary Operating Executive: I am able to drop into a company, come up to speed, and help lead a business unit or department for a pre-determined period of time. I can provide the temporary leadership needed to drive your business forward, while supporting your search for the long-term business leader. 


Let's discuss how I can help you or your company. Contact me at:

Phone: 918.760.5819




Project Portfolio


Project Portfolio

Global Industrial - Financial Services Spin-Off (Phase 2)

  • Research, Analysis, and Recommendations for Competitive Analysis, Market Sizing, Market Entry Strategy & Pricing Models 

Global Industrial - Financial Services Spin-Off (Phase 1)

  • Spin-Off Strategy and Organizational Structure & Design, HR Strategy and Cost Analysis, Research on International Employee Laws and Regulations  

Global Aviation Company

  • Strategy and Market Intelligence for Process Improvement, Asset Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance

Global Mining Company

  • Strategy and Case Studies for Asset Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance

 Global Industrial Company

  • Best Practices for developing an Integrated Sales Performance Management Strategy  

Global Biotech Company

  • Process Improvement for Customer Service Case Management

Global Industrial Company

  • Strategy and Technology Evaluation for the Inquiry-to-Order Process

Global Financial Services Organization

  • Primary and Secondary Research - Global Countertrade and Offset Agreements

 Global Industrial Company  

  • Strategy, Market Research, & Best Practices for Industrial Product / Parts Registration 

Global Industrial Company

  • Voice of Customer for a New Product Introduction – Remote Monitoring of Electrical Equipment 

Japanese Consulting Firm

  • Market Research & Benchmarking of US Natural Gas Commodity Trading Firms

Global Strategy Consulting Company (Top 5 Global Consulting Firm)

  • Market Intelligence & Voice of Customer to define the Downstream Organization of the Future

 Global Biotech Company  

  • Strategy & Tactics for Product, Parts, and Components Standardization

 Global Industrial Company

  • Strategy for the Development & Deployment of Customer Innovation Centers w/ Additive Manufacturing 

 Global Industrial Company  

  • Voice of Customer & New Digital Technology Development for Order to Payment Process

 Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • Virtual & Live Meeting Solutions Strategy & Change Management for Sales and Marketing

Global Industrial Company

  • Technology Evaluation & Policy Recommendations - Evaluating Innovative Technology & Policy for Cost Reduction & Process Improvement

O&G Distributor – Hired by Private Equity Firm for Portfolio Company

  • Interim Director of Sales Operations - CRM Evaluation, Sales Strategy, Voice of Customer, Inbound Marketing, & Incentive Compensation

MatterFab - 3D Metal Printing Startup (Seattle, WA)

  • Marketing Consulting Services - Business Model Development, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Market Sizing, and Go-to-Market

GE Middle East (Dubai, UAE)

  • Marketing & Risk Consulting - Market Entry, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Market Sizing, Risk Scenario Planning, and Value Prop Development

GE Corporate (Fairfield, CT)

  • Strategy & HR Consulting - Corporate Strategy and Strategic Workforce Planning

GE Energy Management (Africa)

  • Marketing & Operations Consulting - Market Segmentation & Targeting, Commercial Operations, Process Improvement, and Key Account Management Strategy

GE Capital - Franchise Finance (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Marketing Consulting - Market Segmentation & Targeting, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy and Customer Profitability

GE Transportation - Mining (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Marketing & HR Consulting - Organizational Design, Market Research, and Product Commercialization

GE Oil & Gas (London, UK | Houston, TX) 

  • Strategic Planning & Key Account Strategy - Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Market Strategy, and Product Strategy

GE Power (Dubai, UAE)

  • Market Development & Marketing Consulting - Market Development, Segmentation & Targeting, Business Development, and Market Research

GE Power & Water (Sao Paulo, BR)

  • Marketing Consulting - New Solution Introduction, Go-to-Market Strategy, Value Prop, and Localization Analysis

Guatemalan Ministry of Economy (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 

  • Strategic Planning - Taught Guatemalan entrepreneurs basic business planning, marketing strategy, and export strategy

Global Biotech Company - (Phoenix, AZ) 

  • Marketing & Risk Consulting - Market entry strategy, market attractiveness, and political risk modeling