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Business Consulting

Business Consulting


Business Consulting

Business Consulting

As a business consultant, I advise small and large businesses on the process of creating and executing strategies that exceed their desired outcomes. My services include Corporate Strategy, Commercial Strategy, Program Management, and acting as a Temporary Operating Executive. I conduct training workshops on Multi-Generational Product Planning and Mastering Open Source Competitive Intelligence. Plus, I facilitate meetings for Pivotal Decisions and the Strategic Planning Process.

I also work with organizations to boost productivity by increasing employee engagement, happiness, and well-being. See more: Executive Coaching

My Promise: I will work with each individual client to analyze, understand, and develop the customized solution that will achieve the outcomes they desire. I will not be afraid to tell my clients what they need to know versus only what they want to hear.

My Objective: I will build a solution that is repeatable and scalable for future growth. Depending on the needs of my clients, this solution could be customized coaching, consulting, execution support, and/or training.

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Project Portfolio


Project Portfolio

US Government Client - Program & Project Management

  • Program Management for technology innovation and development

Global Industrial - Financial Services Spin-Off (Phase 2)

  • Research, Analysis, and Recommendations for Competitive Analysis, Market Sizing, Market Entry Strategy & Pricing Models

Global Industrial - Financial Services Spin-Off (Phase 1)

  • Spin-Off Strategy and Organizational Structure & Design, HR Strategy and Cost Analysis, Research on International Employee Laws and Regulations

Global Aviation Company

  • Strategy and Market Intelligence for Process Improvement, Asset Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance

Global Mining Company

  • Strategy and Case Studies for Asset Performance Management, Predictive Maintenance, and Preventative Maintenance

 Global Industrial Company

  • Best Practices for developing an Integrated Sales Performance Management Strategy

Global Biotech Company

  • Process Improvement for Customer Service Case Management

Global Industrial Company

  • Strategy and Technology Evaluation for the Inquiry-to-Order Process

Global Financial Services Organization

  • Primary and Secondary Research - Global Countertrade and Offset Agreements

 Global Industrial Company  

  • Strategy, Market Research, & Best Practices for Industrial Product / Parts Registration

Global Industrial Company

  • Voice of Customer for a New Product Introduction – Remote Monitoring of Electrical Equipment

Japanese Consulting Firm

  • Market Research & Benchmarking of US Natural Gas Commodity Trading Firms

Global Strategy Consulting Company (Top 5 Global Consulting Firm)

  • Market Intelligence & Voice of Customer to define the Downstream Organization of the Future

 Global Biotech Company  

  • Strategy & Tactics for Product, Parts, and Components Standardization

 Global Industrial Company

  • Strategy for the Development & Deployment of Customer Innovation Centers w/ Additive Manufacturing

 Global Industrial Company  

  • Voice of Customer & New Digital Technology Development for Order to Payment Process

 Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • Virtual & Live Meeting Solutions Strategy & Change Management for Sales and Marketing

Global Industrial Company

  • Technology Evaluation & Policy Recommendations - Evaluating Innovative Technology & Policy for Cost Reduction & Process Improvement

O&G Distributor – Hired by Private Equity Firm for Portfolio Company

  • Interim Director of Sales Operations - CRM Evaluation, Sales Strategy, Voice of Customer, Inbound Marketing, & Incentive Compensation

MatterFab - 3D Metal Printing Startup (Seattle, WA)

  • Marketing Consulting Services - Business Model Development, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Market Sizing, and Go-to-Market

GE Middle East (Dubai, UAE)

  • Marketing & Risk Consulting - Market Entry, Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Market Sizing, Risk Scenario Planning, and Value Prop Development

GE Corporate (Fairfield, CT)

  • Strategy & HR Consulting - Corporate Strategy and Strategic Workforce Planning

GE Energy Management (Africa)

  • Marketing & Operations Consulting - Market Segmentation & Targeting, Commercial Operations, Process Improvement, and Key Account Management Strategy

GE Capital - Franchise Finance (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Marketing Consulting - Market Segmentation & Targeting, Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy and Customer Profitability

GE Transportation - Mining (Brisbane, QLD)

  • Marketing & HR Consulting - Organizational Design, Market Research, and Product Commercialization

GE Oil & Gas (London, UK | Houston, TX) 

  • Strategic Planning & Key Account Strategy - Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Market Strategy, and Product Strategy

GE Power (Dubai, UAE)

  • Market Development & Marketing Consulting - Market Development, Segmentation & Targeting, Business Development, and Market Research

GE Power & Water (Sao Paulo, BR)

  • Marketing Consulting - New Solution Introduction, Go-to-Market Strategy, Value Prop, and Localization Analysis

Guatemalan Ministry of Economy (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 

  • Strategic Planning - Taught Guatemalan entrepreneurs basic business planning, marketing strategy, and export strategy

Global Biotech Company - (Phoenix, AZ) 

  • Marketing & Risk Consulting - Market entry strategy, market attractiveness, and political risk modeling