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Career Change Coach


Career Change Coach

“Become the Cause” of Your Life, Career, and Success

All coaching relationships begin with a strategy session to discuss the coaching process, establish goals, clarify outcomes, build rapport, and ensure a best fit scenario. (Schedule) 

Individual Leadership & Professional Development

Career Development

I support successful professionals that want to develop strategic and tactical options to outperform their peers and the market. They don’t want to change jobs but do want to reignite their passion, energy, and autonomy. We work together to build and execute a career development plan to exceed their desired outcomes.

We not only focus on your career, but also your life. I help you take back control of your life. You transform and “Become the Cause” of your life, career, and success. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Career Transition

Career Transitions

I support successful professionals climbing the corporate mountain (ladder), but have realized they are on the wrong mountain. They are considering a different professional direction within their company or want a confidential partner, career advisor, and sounding board, as they explore alternatives, opportunities, and weigh options.

We start with a deep focus on developing self-awareness. Upon completion of an ELI, we go through a specific program to create clarity and develop goals, outcomes, and strategies to create a positive career transition.

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What Others Are Saying 

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“I am a firm believer that everyone should have their own team – people that are better than you at different things and want to make you a better person. I am so glad to have Stewart as my executive coach and on my team. My first meeting with Stewart resulted in my being open to a new job. My second meeting was a brainstorm session on my ideal roles and what organizations aligned with my personal and professional values.

Within months of working with Stewart, I have started a new job, negotiated an excellent salary, and feel excited for what my future holds. I would highly recommend Stewart for anyone looking for growth in their personal or professional lives.”

- Kara Connell - Chief of Staff, Change Healthcare

Certified Professional Coach