What characteristics define Stewart Swayze?

Proactive Executor

He rolls up his sleeves to get things done. Answers the question "why?" to ensure knowledge is transferred back to the team. He has unique experience in both building and executing strategic initiatives.                    


Diagnostic Solver

He understands challenges are dynamic and cannot be solved in a generic vacuum. His diagnostic techniques reflect data driven facts. His solutions utilize business and industry specific insights.                              


Thirsty Learner

He remains in purposeful and perpetual motion believing good enough never is … He maintains an insatiable curiosity to continuously improve & deliver results



Tactical Strategist

He is a master at providing the vision and strategy, but always ensures it can be tactically implemented. He plans for the future, but understands the difference between living in a virtual reality and focusing on the literal reality.


Collaborative Builder

He values the opinions of others. Stronger solutions emerge from a diversity of thought, data, and a collaborative effort. He has the ability to be present and actively listen without distraction.                                                                          


Methodically Candid

He ushers in progress by asking the hard questions to challenge the process, rather than giving the politically correct answers while ignoring the elephant in the room.