As a marketing consultant, I advise coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs on the process of creating and executing strategies that exceed their desired outcomes. My services include Corporate Strategy, Commercial Strategy, Program Management, and acting as a Temporary Operating Executive. I conduct training workshops on Multi-Generational Product Planning and Mastering Open Source Competitive Intelligence. Plus, I facilitate meetings for Pivotal Decisions and the Strategic Planning Process.

I also work with successful professionals on career development and transitions. See more: Executive Coaching

My Promise: I will work with each individual client to analyze, understand, and develop the customized solution that will achieve the outcomes they desire. I will not be afraid to tell my clients what they need to know versus only what they want to hear.

My Objective: I will build a solution that is repeatable and scalable for future growth. Depending on the needs of my clients, this solution could be customized coaching, consulting, execution support, and/or training.

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