Creating Digital Products for Coaches & Consultants

Growing your coaching revenue

As a Coach or Consultant, growing revenue strictly from providing services is flat out tough! 

You’re only one person with limited time and resources. Maybe you have a few contractors or part-time employees, but:

  • You can only increase your coaching rates so much before you’re priced outside the market and start losing clients

  • You can only take on a certain number of clients before you have ZERO time to work ON your business or live your life

  • Or, you just want to MAKE MORE money!

How do you solve for this challenge?

Creating Digital Products.

 Look, if you’re solving a problem for clients, big or small, if you’re providing a solution – there are people out there happy to pay you for it. 

 You can pick and choose different consulting and coaching models to meet the needs of clients. You can design multiple price points to capture a larger market.

With multiple digital products, you develop new revenue streams that you can up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, and increase the life-time value of a client.

You can add the digital products to your established consulting or coaching packages. You can use your digital coaching products as a loss leader. Now, you’re not only selling coaching or consulting services, but also selling digital products. 

 Once you build the digital consulting or coaching product, you can go to sleep and wake up with more money in your bank account without lifting a finger. Shoot, you can even go on Upwork and hire someone to build your digital product for you (at low cost).

Your digital consulting or coaching products can take on many different forms. You know what works best for you and your clients. You also know how you want to design your life.

 You are the author of your business. Create consulting or coaching products that grow your revenue and compliment your coaching packages.

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How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Coaching Business





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