In this article, I’ll discuss social media tactics that are essential to your client acquisition strategy.

As a coach or consultant, traditional marketing and advertising can be costly. Typically, we have smaller budgets compared to the big brands. However, we can still compete.

I’m going to focus on providing simple social media marketing tactics that are free, but not the same old crap you’ve read before.

When I started my business, I believed Social Media Marketing was posting a summary of my blog with an image and link back to my website.

Whoa! That was a long time ago. And damn, I was dead wrong.

Here’s the problem (now): We’re facing a decrease in organic reach (free) and increase in social media ad spending by businesses.

Social media platforms want us to “pay-to-play.” It makes sense. They make money off of advertising. Reducing organic reach creates a demand for ads!

Canva - Man Showing Business Graph on Wood Table (1).jpg


For your social media marketing strategy to work, you need an extremely targeted approach, engaging copy, visuals that stand out from the crowd, cross-promotion, and a content repurposing strategy.

But, before we jump into that, we need to get the annoying part out of the way.

Build Your Business Profiles on Social Media

Building your business profiles is the annoying part of this article. But, it’s imperative. When someone visits your profile, they need to know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

Spend time building your social media profiles on relevant platforms for your target audience. You’ll need to determine the best place to provide your valuable content – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The audiences on each platform will have slightly different preferences on how they consume content. For example, Instagram is all about crisp ass images and short videos.

Only create social media profiles that you will keep up to date. If you don’t keep your profiles updated, you’ll lose your audience.

Think about it this way. Would you bring a client into a messy, outdated, and unorganized office? It’s the same concept.

Your contact information and product/service offerings are the most critical parts of your social media profile. The goal is to convert your audience into customers. In two sentences or less, tell them who you help and how you help.

Follow the KISS Method, keep it simple stupid. Get rid of any coaching jargon and use simple language - I help coaches find clients through developing client attraction strategies.

attracting ideal client

Target Your Ideal Customers on Social Media

Gone are the days when you open up Buffer (social media automation), select every social media profile, type the same 2-3 sentence message, paste the link, add a few hashtags and schedule your post.

Hot damn that was easy!

Not any more.

Each social media platform will have a few different tactics to target your audience. I’m not saying you should stop posting articles. Continue doing that.

But, if you want to compete for free … you’ll need to makes some tactical changes.


But, I already know about hashtags. Hmm… I’m sure you do. But, I bet you puke out a heap of hashtags at the end of your content.

Your goal is a free content marketing strategy. You need to be very calculated with your hashtags – no more puking.

Find a few that your ideal customer would follow. Avoid using the most popular hashtags. Discover the niche and more targeted ones.

But wait, I want to be seen by the masses! No. No, you don’t. You want to be seen by your customers. Likes, followers, shares, and comments mean nothing … if nobody is purchasing.

When you use viral hashtags, you’re posts get drowned out by the crowd. When you employ targeted hashtags, your posts have a higher likelihood of staying at the top of the feed and being seen by your target audience.

The only exception might … and I say might … be jumping on a “trending” hashtag. To find targeted hashtags you can use

social media hashtags.png

Social Selling in Niche Social Media Groups

Sure, you’ve heard this before. Join Social Media Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Every marketing guru tells you to join Social Media Groups. What they often leave out how to use social selling to generate leads.

The size of the group doesn’t matter. You want active and engaged social media groups where people are asking questions, carrying on conversations, sharing, and commenting — not just dropping a link to their latest article.

You’ll need to experiment a little to find engaging groups. I’ve joined and left a lot of groups in my time. I’ve joined large groups that were complete rubbish. They were worse than a honeywagon on a hot summer day. If you don’t know what a honeywagon is … the picture below will help.

Find niche social media groups with your target audience. Comb through the posts looking for opportunities to provide value. Participate in conversations. Ask questions and answer questions. Provide recommendation and advice.

Then, when you see an opportunity to provide value + a link to your latest piece of content within the comments, do it. This is classic social selling.

Start a Social Media Group

Be careful about starting a social media group. Groups take a lot of time and energy to start, grow, and maintain. However, if you do, you’re in complete control of that social media group.

You set the rules. You decide who joins, who can post, what people can post, and you have your little hunting grounds with a perfect set of ideal customers. Many coaches and consultants find great success here.


Stand Out from the Crowd

You’re writing (copy) should reflect personality. Your images should be of high quality and eye-popping.

Show off your wit and humor. Everyone is tired of being sold to all the time. People want to be entertained by social media, even when they’re learning!

Our attention spans are shrinking. I believe we’ve hit an all-time low … less than a goldfish!

If you DON’T have entertaining and engaging copy, plus fan-freaking-tastic social media visuals, you’ll blend into the same shit, different day feed.

You can easily create social media images on Canva for free!

Mix up your visuals. Use infographics, memes, GIFs, cartoons, or videos. (Check out this article on how you can do this for free).


How to Find Instagram Pictures as Awesome as a Flying Giraffe

Video. Video. Did I say, video? Live videos too!

You’ll probably suck creating videos at first. I did and sometimes still do. But, we’ll both improve over time. Don’t worry too much about producing amazing videos. Some of the most popular videos are filmed and edited right on an iPhone, nothing else.

During your videos, ask questions, tell stories, loosen up, teach, and preach! Don’t be a robot, and this is where I currently struggle. I’m still getting used to the camera. But, tomorrow or the next day, it will all come together.

Kind of like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon, my bomb personality will show up. Your personality will too.

Mix up your visual content between imagery and videos. Again, show some personality. Have a fun time. Don’t be a douche.

When your content is entertaining and engaging, guess what? People will like, comment, share, look you up on Google, go to your website, etc. You won’t even have to ask for it.

But, it’s OK to add a call-to-action in your content graciously. 

When your audience engages with you, you better ENGAGE BACK! Get a conversation going. All of the social media algorithms look for conversational engagement.

Don’t just say, “Thank You.” Instead say, “Thank you, Jane. Quick question, what would you improve?”

Cross Platform Promotion

Use your email list to promote your social media content. Wait, email marketing isn’t social media. I know, right? However, when you post on social media, not all of your followers will see it.

You can share your post URL from Facebook and LinkedIn in an email message. Drive your email list to your social media site. Or, ask them to visit, share, and comment on your posts.

Your next question: “Where do I find my Social Media post URL?” Watch the videos below:


For Instagram and Twitter, post on one platform. Capture a screenshot of the post. Then, promote the post, via an image, on the other platform. A little confusing, so I’ll show you a screenshot below. In the example below, I’m cross promoting my Tweet on Instagram.

cross promoting twitter.jpg

When you perform this social media tactic, if you have followers Twitter, but not on Instagram, your Twitter followers might decide to add you on Instagram too and vice versa. Thus, you increase your exposure across platforms.

These tactics are not only cross-platform promotion but also content repurposing strategy.

Content Repurposing Strategy

If you REALLY want to become a social media tactics and content marketing wizard, develop a Content Repurposing Strategy. First, I’ll give you the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) explanation. Then, I’ll give you a specific example using my plan for the article I wrote on “How to Start a Coaching Business from Scratch.”

First, you create a piece of long-form content (Blog Post, YouTube Video, or Podcast). Second, you repurpose that long-form content into shorter or visual pieces of content. You post the long form content as you usually would. You also post the shorter or visual pieces of content.

You can use the shorter or visual content as stand-alone or drive your audience to your original long-form content.

Here’s how I’ll use Content Repurposing Strategy for my “How to Start a Coaching Business From Scratch” post.

  1. Cross-promote the long-form written content on my social media and to my email list

  2. Record 1 long-form video for YouTube

  3. Pull 10 informative and insightful quotes from the blog / video, turn them into “Quote” images to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

  4. Build an infographic to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

  5. Create 5 short videos on key topics for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

  6. From the 5 short key topics videos, use REV to create transcripts. Use those transcripts as to start 5 new blog posts that go deeper on the subject matter (more long-form content)

  7. Shall I go on? I’m sure by now, you can see how one long-form piece of content can be repurposed into at least 20+ other piece of content.

  8. Last, use the social media tactics we’ve discussed above to hyper-target and promote your content

time blocking

MY-LANTA! We’ve covered a lot of social media marketing tactics. You might be asking yourself, “How do I find time to do this?”

Excellent question. Here’s what I do.

I time block. I block off time in my calendar each day or each week to execute these social media tactics. I’ve developed a system and process. It took a little time to test, learn, and refine. Now, I have a smooth process to balance working with my coaching clients and marketing my coaching business.  

But, that doesn’t stop me from evaluating the process at the end of each week. I also spend at least 1-hour on Friday, reviewing all of my business systems and processes. Then, I look for areas to simplify, automate, and improve.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, start with one of the tactics. Get good at that tactic. Then, slowly add other social media tactics.

Once you scale and grow, you can hire freelancers to manage your social media outreach. Until then, start small, hyper-target your audience, and have fun!

I hope this post helped. As always, I welcome feedback and comments. If you found value in this article, I’d appreciate you clicking the social sharing buttons on the left of the page. Have a wonderful day.

 Stewart Swayze

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