Indecision is in fact, a decision.

It also has it's own scientific term: Aboulomania. If you're paralyzed by indecision, here's what to do about it.

Don't fall victim to indecision. Often, we fear that it will be impossible to recover if we make the "wrong" decision. This is not the case.


Embrace the adaptation and expansion of the "Corridor Principle."

Indecision is like peering down a long, dark corridor with doors on each side, but not moving. You have no idea what awaits if you walk down the hallway and it stops you in your tracks. You ask yourself, "why can't I make a decision?"

Person 1: By embracing the Corridor Principle, you finally decide to walk down the dark hall without knowing what will happen,

You’re willing to risk uncertainty and fear, for the sake of moving forward, learning, and growing.

As you proceed down the corridor, new doors begin to open on both sides of you. The doors are full of opportunity.

You have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities. You learn to be resilient and improve your habits.

You become a stronger person, business leader, and entrepreneur. You move closer towards your goals and closer to success.

As you continue forward, opportunities that you could see and could not pursue, before you made the earlier decision to walk down the corridor, appear all around you.

Person 2: Now imagine another person has the opportunity to proceed down the same corridor.

But, this person is unwilling to proceed until assurances can be made that they will succeed. He/she is stuck in indecision waiting for assurances that will never come.

He/she will sit on the sidelines watching everyone else pass them over. Nobody can guarantee or predict the future. You have to move forward.

Ask yourself, which person do you want to be?

How to overcome indecision

How to make a difficult decision:

- Research just enough so you can make an informed decision

- Write clear short-term and long-term goals

- Write down what inspires you, emotionally, to pursue those goals

- Imagine what your future will look like if you don't pursue your dreams.

- Imagine what your future will look like if you accomplish your dreams.

- Turn those visions into the motivation and energy you need to proceed.

- Commit to your ultimate outcome, but be flexible on the path you take to reach it.

- Identify any negative patterns, challenges, or obstacles that come up along the way, write down how you overcame them

- Recruit someone to help keep you accountable and mentor you along your path to success.

Success, no matter the venture, begins with a willingness to face uncertainty. Enjoy any new experience as an opportunity. And, take steps in the direction of your goal.

- Stewart Swayze

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