Increasing Your Interview Skills

Many people fear interviews and potentially lose a job as a result. When was the last time you interviewed? How well did it go? My guess, it didn’t go as well as you wanted. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. And, don’t take it personally.

It’s not uncommon to go through 5-6 interviews before landing a job. There could be many reasons for long interview processes. However, if you knew the secrets of successful interviewing skills, you’d land the job you want every time.

Instead of getting turned down, they would be turning down job offers.

Do you need an amazing and perfect personality to nail an interview? Well yes and no. Your personality goes a long way in presenting yourself, but many people land jobs without extroverted personalities–and that’s because they know how to interview.

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Yes, interviewing skills can be and should be learned. So how do people learn?

Many people learn to interview through trial and error. We all know, the more you practice, the better you get at it (usually!). But who the hell wants to learn like that!

I mean few things are more painful than going through a ton of interviews and getting a rejection letter. Also, how fun are interviews in general? Most people want to avoid interviews entirely!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn what makes a successful interview from the eyes of the potential employer? Wouldn’t it be nice to go into an interview with the mindset that you are evaluating them and not the other way around? You can. It’s called interview skills training!

Another critical thing to remember is that training for interviews can make you successful in life.

Learning interview skills helps your overall communication. And, communication is fundamental to social confidence, our ability to lead, growing our network…and on and on.

Learning (and I 100% guarantee that you can learn) interviewing skills is vital for anyone, from a recent graduate to the seasoned business professional. It may sound a little weird, but interviewing skills are also excellent for your life outside of work to include parenting, dating, marriage, friends –you name it!

Don’t wait any longer to get this valuable part of your success under your control!

If you’d like support in increasing your interviewing skills and techniques, feel free to schedule a free 1-Hour Strategy Session with me. There’s no obligation. Or, you can join my private career development Facebook Group.

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