Increase your chances of having a good day


Author, researcher, and expert in positive psychology Michelle Gielan told audiences at the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) on Thursday that:

“Three minutes of negative news in the morning can increase your chances of having a bad day by 27 per cent,” said the author of best-selling book ‘Broadcasting Happiness.’

Negative news can trigger “Problem-focused” emotions, thoughts, and views in people, she explained. You either get pissed off, frustrated, and fired up in agreement and/or disagreement. Either way, your emotions are negatively impacted.  

“Small messages can have an incredible impact on how we view community ties, the world and our place in it ...” 


Do you have that friend that’s always stirring the pot? Do they continue to share negative news and posts on social media? Hide them from your feed. Don’t take the bait. 

Your happiness is more important than their need for acknowledgement, validation, and ego.

You have a choice. Turn off the negative news! This means TV, Radio, and Social Media. Stop the negative news sharing, commenting, and liking on Social Media. It’s ruining your day! 

Focus on what’s positive and good in your life! Find what brings you positive energy and happiness. Fill your day, and social media feed, with positive! 

If you’re passionate about a cause, get out from behind your desk or off couch and go volunteer! Stop talking about the cause and start DOING something to create positive and constructive change. 

“Become the Cause” of your happiness.

- Stewart


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