Many leaders hype their devotion to communicating purpose. On the same hand, many employees don’t believe their day to day activities connect to a purpose. Employees not connecting their jobs to a purpose could be why statistics show that up to 70% of employees suffer from disengagement.

Also, 79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving. Let me connect those two statistics through a short story. When I was a new manager I made a simple, but a huge mistake. I’d ask my team to perform specific tasks but would explain the “why” or the purpose. Luckily, I had a leader, thank you Amar, that sat me down and taught me this vital lesson:

1. When asking your employees to do something, a good leader spends 5 minutes to connect & communicate how those daily and weekly tasks relate to a higher purpose.

2. They explain how an individual employee or team fits into the overall strategy.

3. By connecting and communicating purpose, you can increase employee engagement and make your team feel more appreciated.

4. Not only that, but this process also helps develop your employees for more significant roles. They start to see the bigger picture through the fine details.

So, I have two question for you:

  • How can you spend 5 minutes TODAY to communicate how your team’s daily or weekly activities connect to a higher purpose?

    • I’m not talking about making a big speech. Think about it on a smaller scale: email, one-on-one, or during a meeting

  • How can you change your daily communication and actions to support your organizations declared purpose?

Remember, purpose doesn’t concern what you do. It involves “why you do what you do.”

Stewart Swayze

"Become the Cause" of Your Life, Career, and Success


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