5 Fundamentals of Success

My middle school baseball coach was a former major league pitcher. While other coaches taught their young players the more complicated aspects of baseball, my coach concentrated on fundamentals. 

His core message: “Don’t overcomplicate the game, develop discipline, and focus on the fundamentals. If you follow these rules, you’ll be successful on and off the field.”

Often, we overcomplicate what it takes to be successful in life and business. We get caught up chasing the next shiny object or the latest over-hyped piece of technology. Sadly, this causes us to lose our discipline and forget to focus on the fundamentals of success. 

  1. Do you want that corner office on the top floor? You must work harder than the million-other people wanting that same office. Do you want to build the next unicorn billion-dollar startup? You must work harder than the million other founders wanting the same thing – Hard work pays off (period).

  2. We live in world of instant gratification. Everyone wants to find the next shortcut or “hack” that reduces time and risk. They daydream about instant millionaire ideas. Good luck with that. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Sustained success takes years of learning and not cutting corners. - Never stop learning.

  3. Stop saying you want to be successful and stop complaining about not being successful. Stop saying you’ll start next week, month, or year. Go fucking do it. - What you say means nothing. What you do means everything.   

  4. Think about this real hard. it’s not your boss’s responsibility to develop your career and give you a promotion. It’s not your client’s responsibility to purchase your product over the competitors. It’s not your spouse’s responsibility to keep you organized, clean the house, and make you happy. It’s not the government’s responsibility to pass favorable laws and regulation. It’s not the market’s fault that you took a risk and it failed. It’s your fault. It’s your responsibility. And, it’s time for you to own it. - Take responsibility for your success, failure, and how you learn from both.

  5. Be present. Actively listen. Share ideas. Seek win/win results. Teach people skills to will help them excel. Let others speak first. Even if you're an expert, learn from alternative or counter views. Give without expectations of receiving. Deliver credit where it’s due. Remember, selfish people end up working alone and a lot harder. - Be a Positive Leader

Follow these simple, but fundamental rules and you’ll find success. It may not be easy and could take time. But, these fundamentals will pay off in the end. You’ll become successful and you’ll develop a huge support network along the way. 

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