How to Overcome the Fear of Success

Many people fail to achieve their goals due to the “Fear of Failure.” However, are you aware there's another major fear we often overlook? 

When you compare Fear of Success vs Fear of Failure, they are equally dangerous. It damages our motivation to succeed. It's known as the “Fear of Success!” You got that right, the fear of SUCCESS!

The Fear of Failure stops us from acting or making decisions. We worry about rejection and negative outcomes if we pursue our goals. We can identify the Fear of Failure through more tangible fears. Plus, and there are tools and exercises to help us overcome mental blocks and reprogram our mind for success. 

The Fear of Success is a subtle little creature. It's harder to identify, transform, and eradicate.

How do you know if you have the "Fear of Success? 

Do you implement the correct self-improvement and personal development tools, but your life does not improve? Maybe your life even gets worse.

Have you ever settled for less than you deserve or are capable of achieving? Uh hum, this could be the Fear of Success.

Do you find yourself motivated about starting a new project, but your efforts and enthusiasm slowly fade? Or, you even stop short before you have completed the project.

Deep down, do you find yourself almost expecting things to go wrong, no matter how promising the situation?

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Do you identify with any of the questions above?

Just like the Fear of Failure, the Fear of Success can hold you back. Detailed in the list below are a few real Fear of Success symptoms.

1) You haven't found the right time – Always waiting until the time is right to start acting. Guess what? There's no perfect time and no ideal plan. 

Do it now. Start now. Again, the key to success in taking action. Zero + Zero = Zero. One step forward is better than no steps. If you wait to find the best time, there are other people out there moving right past you. Even if you take the wrong action, you just learned. You gained insight and knowledge. You are flexible and can adjust ... do it even better the next time.

2) You procrastinate – You putt off tasks that will bring you closer to your goal. Everyone suffers from this gremlin at some point, but if it's a reoccurring habit ... that's a problem called Fear of Success Procrastination. 

Take small steps toward your goal each day. Take action! Any action! Stop sitting around and doing nothing. 

3) You are a perfectionist - Similar challenge as above, you stay in the same place because you are spending so much time perfecting your move. Nothing in life is perfect. You can always find areas to improve. That's the great part! How many football games have you watched, enjoyed, and thought ... "Damn, my team just played amazing!" I'd be willing to bet the players and coaches of the winning team felt the same thing. However, I'd bet $1,000,000 that those same coaches and players went back and studied the game film. They enjoyed the win, but found areas to improve. Move forward, enjoy the ride, but ACCOMPLISH your goals. Then, once you've celebrated ... if you feel it's necessary, go back and improve. 

4) You are problem-focused – Do you spend more time focused on the problems or the solutions? Reframe your problem-focused mindset to turn it into your advantage. Transition from Problem Focus to Solution Focus.

Sit down for a “focused”, but short period of time. Use your laser focus to identify ALL of the problems. Develop a solution and prepare a plan to tackle each one. Create your plan with a checklist. Use the process of crossing off each problem as your motivation to drive forward. If you run across more problems, remind yourself of how well you dealt with the other issues. Ask, “what is the best solution to overcome this challenge?” Then, add it your list and keep checking them off! 

Fear of success and failure can by difficult to overcome, However, remember to enjoy the journey as much as the results. Move forward, my friend!  If you follow the above steps to overcome your Fear of Success, you will achieve success. Ultimately, your fear of success will reduce, and you will develop a personal "system" of success. 

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