50 Ways to Find Happiness

The happiest people appreciate what they have, keep an open mind and seek out new challenges to grow. They use their leisure time to have fun, reflect and development. They have a few excellent friends and don’t measure friendship by the number of followers or connections. They enjoy music, books, hobbies, family and stimulating conversation. They know that small steps lead to massive action. They choose to be the “cause” of their happiness. 

 Sound hard? It’s not. Here are 50 ideas to get you started with becoming the cause of your happiness.

 1.    Laugh … laugh a lot

2.    Find time for fun

3.    Appreciate everything you are and aren't

4.    Enjoy time alone

5.    Focus on Improvement, not perfection

6.    Read awe inspiring stories

7.    Reach out and help others

8.    Be mindful and present in the moment

9.    Find what you are passionate about, do it as often as possible. Even if it's once a week

10.  Write or record what makes you happy. Refer to daily

11.  Exercise, even if that's taking a walk for 15-minutes

12.  Stand on your own, but learn when to be agreeable

13.  Build deep friendships with only a few people. Keep them close

14.  Give it your best, one small step at a time

15.  Don't sweat the little things, there's life, life changing, and life threatening … 99% is life.

16.  Learn that materialism does not equal success. Often people w/ the most expensive things have the highest debt

17.  Share your happiness with others

18.  Know that your past does not define your future

19.  Be grateful for what you have

20.  Everything in moderation

21.  Be YOU. Don't give shit what others think about YOU

22.  Listen to good music

23.  Simplify your life

24.  Money does not buy happiness. Some of the poorest nations in the world are also the happiest

25.  Overcome your Fear of Failure. Learn and experience new things (Click the Link for $10 Off)

26.  Open your mind, you don't have to agree, but you can learn the "why"

27.  Have meaningful conversations with strangers

28.  Maintain a healthy diet, but occasionally break it!

29.  Adopt / Rescue an animal

30.  Relax, become a little more flexible

31.  Find humor in your mistakes

32.  Be spontaneous once a day

33.  When life isn't going well, be the cause of change

34.  Keep faith

35.  Find your creativity 

36.  Be happy now. You are the only one in control of your happiness.

37.  Know that it's not what happens to you, it's how you perceive and react to it

38.  Enjoy the simple things in life

39.  Have goals with purpose and meaning for your life

40.  Stop watching doom and gloom news and TV

41.  Life is not perfect, accept that this is okay

42.  Don't forget to celebrate even the small wins

43.  SMILE

44.  Be supportive and seek support when needed

45.  Find a hobby that gets you in the flow

46.  Savor the moment

47.  Appreciate the beauty in art and the world around you

48.  Don't take yourself or others too seriously

49.  Surround yourself with happy people. Energy attracts like energy

50.  Sleep. Take a snap on Sunday


Become the Cause of Your Life. Become the Cause of Your Happiness. 

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