What is Entrepreneurship Coaching?

What is Entrepreneurship Coaching? 

Do you have dreams and goals, but feel something is missing between where you are now, and where you want to be? You have that feeling you’re destined for success, freedom, and want to create a more significant impact for your family or on the world? There's a way you can do this. Start your own business. Take control of your life. It's time to hire a Entrepreneurship Coach.

So, what exactly is Entrepreneurship Coaching? Entrepreneurship Coaching is an ongoing, confidential, one-on-one partnership between the coach and client.  Through the coaching process, inquiry, goal setting, and motivational techniques, the Entrepreneurship Coaching supports the client in assuming full accountability for creating a fulfilled personal and professional life through starting a business. Clients are enlightened and empowered with the freedom of choice.

A few other ways Entrepreneurship Coaches help clients:

  • Transitioning from a Corporate Career to Self-Employment
  • Developing a definition of success aligned with the client's values
  • Identifying and removing roadblocks to establish new rules to maximize the client's life's potential
  • Aiding the client in developing a personal development plan 
  • Helping the client set and achieve goals
  • Holding the client accountable for their actions and results 
  • Raising the client's energy level to do more in a shorter period of time
  • Improving the client's focus on the most valuable steps in achieving their definition of success 
  • Supporting the client in attaining the life that they desire, but have yet to experience

Are you ready to live empowered and purposeful? Are you ready to create new rules? Are you ready to start your journey to entrepreneurship?  

Click here to contact me. You're in charge, and there's no pressure or obligation. Let's set up 30-minute discovery call to discuss your situation and goals. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

- Stewart Swayze 

Is it wrong to want more, to find abundance, and to be fulfilled? No!

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