Giving Thanks Where It's Due: Thank you GE! General Electric

Giving Thanks Where It’s Due: Thank You GE!

I’ve always believed that thanking those around you is a key to being a great leader. Yet, a lot of leaders continue to take credit for the work of their team without properly thanking them. I never had that problem with the people listed below. Each one helped me grow and become a better man and a businessperson.

So, I’d like to take some time to personally and publicly thank them for all that they have done.  Oh, and if you’re reading this, when was the last time you thanked someone for their hard work? Why not do it today?

Thank you Amar Arekapudi – Your Emotional IQ is a tremendous skill set. Observing your leadership style is inspirational. Your continued guidance helped me to become more self-aware. You helped me learn to adjust my leadership skills based on project requirements and my respective project team.

Thank you Chris Bevacqua – You have unmatched strategic thinking and communication skills. You helped me break down problems into simple root causes. Analyze complicated data sets. Then develop / communicate a concise picture of a tactical solution.

Thank you Enterprise & Commercial Corps Colleagues – Robert Campbell, Mark Dixon, Ryan Holzhueter, Robert Brandt, Asher Epstein, Kariff Rhooms and Chris Wienbeck. You are amazing! I was truly blessed to learn from each one of you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and hope we can remain the close friends. We’ve shared some amazing adventures together. If you need anything at all, give me a call.

Thank you Isabel Fernandez – Your vision and passion to help take GE to the next level is inspiring. You taught me to dig deeper into the data to find actionable customer outcomes. I learned to stop thinking about features and benefits. Instead, develop the strategy and tactics to solve customer problems.

Thank you Rob Moffitt – You took a huge chance on me at GE Mining. You gave me more responsibility than most people were comfortable with. That role helped me increase my skill sets more than any other role in my career. You believed in me. You provided me the opportunity to fail, but guided me to success.

Thank you Ryan Langan – You were my first manager and helped me cut my teeth at GE. As a new employee you provided the right balance of candor and coaching. You drove me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to reach new limits. Although you’ve moved on from GE, your guidance will always remain with me.

Thank you Kevin Decker – I had never met anyone with your ability to remove roadblocks and fight for your team. You taught me to win those tough battles through hard data. Although you’ve also moved on from GE, I’ll always consider you one of my best mentors.

Thank you GE ECLP Community – The training and experiences you provided were amazing. I learned so much from our cross-functional commercial training and from my fellow ECLP colleagues.

Thank you Beth Comstock – I was lucky enough to interact with you more than most of the people within the ECLP & GE Community. You are probably one of the most accessible & approachable officers in the company. You are an inspirational and digitally connected leader. The way you cut through the data to focus on the strategy and immediately take action was exceptional.

To conclude, I learned so much from my experience at GE. It was an amazing company to cut my post-MBA teeth and grow as a leader. I’m off to create the next chapter of my life. Off into the world of entrepreneurship, but I will always look back and rely on my experiences at GE.

Thank you all, keep in touch, and take care …


Stewart Swayze


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