6 Coaches Coaching Weekly Webinar


Weekly Webinar

Please join me for the 6 Coaches Coaching “live” webinar series where we will explore the power of coaching.

This webinar series will empower you to live according to your values, overcome roadblocks, improve your communications, strengthen your relationships, and leave you leading your life with purpose and fulfillment.

We’ve brought together an amazing and diverse team of six certified professional coaches to help you reach your fullest potential! This weekly series begins January 8, 2019, and continues each Tuesday at 12PM CST!

If you’re not able to attend any of the “live” versions of the webinars, you still receive the recorded versions and all other benefits.

For Only $45 You Will Receive

  • Six live webinars with professional coaches

  • Access to recordings of all the sessions

  • Six awareness-creating worksheets

  • Access to our private online community


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6 Coaches Coaching Weekly Webinar
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  • Jan 8 - Values - Heather Rekhi

  • Jan 15 - Mindset Blocks - Leann Maxwell

  • Jan 22 - Communication - Bronson Breaux

  • Jan 29 - Relationships - Kimberly Rodriguez

  • Feb 5 - Leading Energetically - Stewart Swayze

  • Feb 12 - Health and Wellness with Art Atikune